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This page will cover some of the problems that seems to have hit a number of people, as well as known issues with the latest version of EASEWASTE2012. 

Common questions when running EASEWASTE: 

Question: I get an error when I try to calculate a scenario
Problem description:  This is most of the time due to a wrong decimal divider sign. 
Solution: You need to make sure you have set the decimal divider to a dot “.” for some countries this is set to a comma and since the software uses a English Database this creates a problem . While running EASEWASTE2012 you will therefore always need to make sure to have the settings set to a dot for decimal divider.

Question: Error message” The application has failed to start because rtl150.bpl was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”.
Problem description: If you get this error, or a similar error due to a missing bpl file with a slightly different name its due to an uninstall error from an earlier version of EASEWASTE, that has left some EASEWASTE registry setting. This makes EASEWASTE think these files are already installed and it will therefore not reinstall the files.
Solution: You can download the system files from this link , unzip the files and place them in the root of C:\Windows\System32 (if you run a 32 bit operating system), or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (if you run a 64 bit operating system)


Known Issues with EASEWASTE2012 (version of February 12th 2012):

Error in the Material Utilization module
An error has been discovered in the Material Utilization module. This is ONLY a problem when used outside a scenario, meaning it works fine inside scenario. But when  you run outside a scenario without a waste composition it calculates the savings too high. To be precise savings of NPK in the substitution profile is calculated 1000 times too high, and all other emissions in the substitution profile is 10 times too high. 

Wrong value in normalization reference for EDIP 97 Ecotoxicity in Water, Chronic
For the new updated normalization references for 2004 the value give for Ecotoxicity in Water, Chronic is wrong. Its given as 2.96E5 but should be 2.96E6. You can either manually update your own database by going to Evaluation --> LCA Methods --> EDIP97, you then rightclick on “EDIP97 - 2004 NR - Environmental Impact Potentials (Only Tox)” and choose edit and change the value to 2.96E06, and do the same for EDIP97 - 2004 NR - Environmental Impact Potentials (All). 
Alternatively if you have not started to use EASEWASTE yet, you can download a new version of the database from this link , and you then just have to choose to use this database in EASEWASTE 2012 instead.

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